30 June 2022: Praslin Jetty damaged

Due to the strong winds and resulting high waves, the access bridge to Praslin Jetty at Baie St Anne has been damaged on 30 June 2022.

To ensure passengers’ safety, all passengers travelling from Praslin either by Cat Rose or Cat Cocos, the new temporary embarkation and disembarkation point will be at the New Praslin Jetty, at Eve Island Annex. Your taxi driver will know the location.

This will take effect as of 01 July and will remain in place until the bridge has been repaired.

A Creole Travel coach transfer will be on standby, should passengers who are unaware of the situation still proceed to Baie St Anne Jetty. This coach will transfer clients to the New Jetty.

Unfortunately the incident has also caused a power outage at the offices based at the Baie St Anne Jetty.
With no internet available, those offices will remain closed until further notice.

UPDATE 02 July:

All services will resume back to normal at the existing passenger terminal at Baie Ste Anne Jetty as of Saturday 02nd July 2022 given that the high tide will be at 7pm and will not disturb the operations.