Schedule change for 24 August, 2018

Kindly take note of the amended trip for 24th August, 2018


Friday 24th August, 2018


Mahe/Praslin                                                    07h30 (Regular Trip)

La Digue/Praslin                                              08h00 (Regular Trip)

Praslin/Mahe                                                    09h00 (Regular Trip)

Mahe/La Digue via Pras                                 10h00 Cancelled

Mahe/La Digue                                                10h00 Direct Amended Trip

Mahe/Praslin                                                    10h30 New Trip

Praslin/La Digue                                              11h15 (Regular Trip)

La Digue/Mahe via Pras                                 12h30 (Regular Trip)

Praslin/Mahe                                                    13h00 (Regular Trip)

Mahe/Praslin                                                    16h30 (Regular Trip)

Mahe/La Digue                                                17h00 (Regular Trip)

Praslin/Mahe                                                    18h00 (Regular Trip)


Kindly be informed that the change will affect the schedule trip departing from Mahe at 10h00 instead it shall now depart from Mahe directly to La Digue at 10h00.

An additional trip will depart from Mahe directly to Praslin at 10h30.