Schedule changes Jan 2020


Saturday 25th January, 2020

Praslin/Mahe                                        17h30 New trip

Praslin/La Digue                                   17h45 Cancelled


Sunday 26th  January, 2020

Mahe/La Digue                                     07h00 New trip

La Digue/Praslin                                   07h00 Cancelled

Praslin/Mahe                                        07h30 Cancelled

La Digue/Praslin                                   08h30 New trip

Praslin/Mahe                                        09h00 New trip

Mahe/Praslin                                        09h00 Cancelled

Praslin/La Digue                                   10h15 Cancelled

Mahe/La Digue                                     11h00 New trip – Direct


All other trips on schedule for the day will remain unchanged.

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