Updated travel procedure

Revised Conditions of Entry and Stay for Persons coming to Seychelles:
• Pre-travel requirements for visitors coming from Category 1 and Category 2 countries remains the same – time-bound negative pre-travel PCR test (sampled <48h from departure time for Category 2 arrivals, and <72h for Category 1 arrivals) and relevant health declarations.

• All new arrivals must be transferred to hotels directly by certified transports.

• Both Category 1 and Category 2 visitors must remain Hotel-bound for first 10 nights from entry (except to attend regional testing centre for day 6 test). No transfers to other hotels/resorts will be allowed until completion of 10 days.

• Visitors in the country from earlier, but within 10 nights of entry, will be switched to new conditions, counting the days from their original date of arrival (i.e. a visitor who arrived 5 days ago, can move after another 5 days of stay).

• PCR test after 5th night of stay (+/- one day) – a negative result does NOT change conditions of stay until after 10 nights. After 10th night, movement is allowed outside the hotel premises; further PCR test is not mandated (unless ill or required for travel).

• Excursions/trips can be organized by/through certified operators for only 1 family unit at a time. Maximum 6 in one group.

• There is no minimum length of stay, as such:
o Where departure is before completion 5 nights, the surveillance PCR is exempt.
o Where departure from Seychelles is before 10 nights of stay and guests need exit PCR test, they can be taken by certified transports to regional testing venues to undergo tests and await result in their hotel. On the day of departure they should transfer to the airport through certified transports.
o And where these guests do not need exit PCR test, they can be taken directly to the airport for departure by certified tourism transports.

• Gyms, spas, saunas, and common swimming pools must remain closed.

• Tourists who are having symptoms must consult their hotel/resort nurse/doctor/COVID-19 focal person, and subsequently plan further evaluation and/or testing under guidance of surveillance/ public health team. Testing of symptomatic individuals must preferably be done at fever clinics.