Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy are now under Category 2

As from 16 November 2020, kindly note that countries Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy are now under Category 2 List hence clients coming from these countries would need to follow the Travel Advisory for Category 2

Measures are as follows:

  1. Visitors, including infants and children, must have a negative COVID-19 PCR certificate from an accredited laboratory 48 hours prior to departure from the country of origin
  2. Visitors from Category 2 countries are required to spend the first (6) six nights in a designated establishment and may not leave the premises and must strictly adhere to all the conditions in place at the establishment.
  3. A repeat PCR test will be performed on the 5th day. If the test result is negative, the visitors will be free to continue with their planned holiday and follow terms and conditions outlined as per the Category 1 permitted countries
  4. If the test result is positive, they will be required to stay in a designated hotel until cleared by the Public Health Authority

Pre Arrival Documents:

  • A negative PCR test certificate from an accredited or Government certified laboratory within 48 hours prior to departure to Seychelles must be submitted.
  • All visitors from the Category 2 Permitted Countries must ensure that their accommodation is authorised to receive visitors. Refer to List of Authorized accommodation category 2.
  • Visitors must have a valid travel insurance with full medical coverage, including COVID-19 related medical care, for the duration of their entire stay in Seychelles.
  • (Health Travel Authorization is also required. Visitors must submit their application for approval through the designated platform at this link This can only be done after they have received their PCR test results.