To cancel or modify your reservation, please use our booking change and cancellation form.

Our customer-friendly cancellation policy applies. In a nutshell, it’s this:

Cat Cocos bookings can be amended up to 3 work days before departure date; Cat Rose bookings can be amended up to 1 day before departure date.
Your first change is free. For further changes that are not due to ferry schedule changes or flight delays, an amendment fee of 5 Euros may be applied.

Cat Cocos bookings can be cancelled and refunded up to 3 work days before departure date; Cat Rose bookings can be cancelled and refunded up to 1 day before departure date/time.

For further details, please see our terms and conditions .

These are the locations of the ferry jetties on Google maps:
MAHÉ ferry jetty
PRASLIN ferry jetty (new ERO Passenger Terminal)
LA DIGUE ferry jetty

As of February 2023, most COVID restrictions on ferries have been lifted.

A PCR test is not necessary to travel aboard ferries any longer.

The following provision remains in place:
On board service (food/drinks) is temporarily suspended, also in business class.

A proper attire is required on board the ferry and clients not fully clothed (ex swimming suit) will not be accepted.
Travel time between Mahé and Praslin is now 1 hour 15 minutes (before it was 1 hour).

Apart from the direct ferries, there are also connections via Praslin. The ferries are generally coordinated, but at times you may have to wait on Praslin a little bit for your onward connection.
If you arrive from Mahé and wish to continue to La Digue, 15 minutes transfer time will be sufficient. The Cat Rose ferry will wait for all connecting passengers.
For details of all connections please see the timetables of Cat Cocos and Cat Rose ferries.

Please do yourself a favor and book as early as possible! Short-term bookings are possible, but for organizational reasons we can not 100 % guarantee that the seats are really available if booked on very short notice.
Kindly note: Our tickets may be cancelled or modified up to 72 hours before departure, without fee. So you risk nothing by booking well in advance.
Ferries are often fully booked or the desired booking class is no longer available. This wouldn’t be a good start for your Seychelles holidays, right? So please book as far in advance as possible!

We have an easy shopping cart system. So you start by choosing the first ferry (for example, Mahe-Praslin). Click on “Book now” and then you enter the travel date, select the number of passengers and on the next step the booking class and departure time. Next step are the passenger details. You will then see this ferry trip in the shopping cart.

Next, do not click on “Pay now”, but instead “Add another trip”. Select the connection (for example, Praslin-La Digue) in the popup and proceed as before.
As a result, you will see the two selected trips (Mahe-Praslin and Praslin-La Digue) in the shopping cart.
Then select the next trip (for example, La Digue-Mahe) by clicking “Add another trip” in the shopping cart.

You may always make changes to the individual journeys directly in the shopping cart by clicking on the “change” button. To delete a trip from the shopping cart click the “remove” button. If all ferry trips in the shopping cart are correct, then tick the box “Accept our terms and conditions”. After entering your payment details (click the relevant symbol field, e.g. “credit card” to reveal entry fields),  you are done and we will send you the vouchers to your e-mail address in a few moments.

Lucky you, we have a special deal with the ferry companies.
These are the luggage allowances if you book your ferry tickets on this website:

Economy class: 25 kgs free allowance + 15 kgs extra for special sports equipment *). Excess luggage is payable (3 € per kg).
Business class: 30 kgs free allowance + 15 kgs extra for special sports equipment *). Excess luggage is payable (3 € per kg).
If several pieces of luggage are checked in, their weight is added up. So there is no problem with multiple pieces, as long as the total weight of all pieces of luggage does not exceed the maximum limit for the class booked.

Additionally, 1 piece of cabin luggage with dimensions not exceeding 50x30x20 cm and with a maximum weight of 7 kgs is allowed.

The above applies to all ticket categories, even to free babies’ tickets.

*) Note: The special sports equipment allowance does not apply to bags (e.g. golf and diving) but to sport equipment like surf boards, SUP or canoe / kayak and sails only!
For bicycles the price is 100 SCR per bike and trip, payable on site.
Luggage regulations are subject to change.

Calculate with 45 to 60 minutes for immigration procedures and baggage delivery, then about 15-20 minutes by taxi to the port, traffic permitting.
You should be at the ferry jetty at least 30 minutes before departure to allow for luggage check-in and collection of the pre-printed tickets. The check-in of the ferry ends 15 minutes before departure.

So this means, for example, if you arrive with Emirates flight EK705 at 06:50, you will not be able to catch the ferry at 08:00.
The very earliest you will be through immigration and baggage claim is 07:30 and there will be heavy traffic in the morning, which means congestion on the road to the port. Therefore, please book the next ferry and stroll into the city centre (e.g. to the market) and / or have a relaxing coffee at the harbour.
See also: Luggage storage

If you arrive with Qatar flight QR678 at 08:30 and plan to take the ferry at 10:30 to Praslin or La Digue, there is a good chance that you will make it. Whether you take a taxi to the airport or use our shuttle bus transfer doesn’t make much difference.
Please note however that if you miss your ferry trip (for whatever reason like a flight delay, heavy traffic etc.) then you will usually be booked on the following available ferry. If the afternoon ferry is full, then you’ll have a problem. Also note that there is no entitlement to a free change to the next ferry. It is subject to availability and ferry company approval.
To play it really safe, book the afternoon ferry. You may deposit your luggage at the ferry jetty and hang out on Mahé until your afternoon ferry leaves. You could – for example – take a taxi or public bus to Beau Vallon beach and back.

Other examples:
EY622 at 05:35 -> Catching the 08:00 (or 08:30) ferry? There is a very good chance you’ll make it.
ET879 at 14:20 -> Catching the 16:30 ferry? There is a very good chance you’ll make it.
EK707 at 13:35 -> Catching the 16:30 ferry? You’ll easily make it.

Note: For checking which ferry is best to book when DEPARTING from the Seychelles, please consult this FAQ.

In case of delayed/cancelled flights, any request to modify a ferry reservation must be received within 2 hours from the time the airline issues notice of flight delay/cancellation.
This means that if you know before takeoff, you must inform us by sending an email to, with your new flight details.

If your flight is delayed and you inform us before ferry departure, you will usually be put on the next available ferry, without surcharge. Over the years, this has been handled by the ferry companies without any problems, subject to availability. However, there is no legal entitlement to a free change.

If you fail to inform us by sending an email to above mail address at least 2 hrs before ferry departure time (Seychelles local time), you will be considered a no-show by the ferry company, with a 100 % cancellation fee.

In most cases, the reason is that your bank does not provide the 3D Secure code for a credit card payment or that 3D Secure is not activated. In this case, please contact your bank to solve the problem for other online payments as well.

If the problem persists and you are unable to book, we also offer bank transfers to our German bank account as a payment method. Please send us an email with all the necessary information to make your booking: Date / Time / Trip / Class / Full name of passengers and date of birth of children / Mobile number where you can be reached in Seychelles.
If you wish to book a shuttle bus to/from the airport, we will need your flight number and arrival/departure time on Mahé.

We will then reply with our bank account details for you to make the bank wire.

In general, Seychelles ferries are on time. Delays are extremely rare.
These are the crossing times:
Mahé – Praslin: 1 hour (1:15 hrs during COVID restrictions)
Mahé – La Digue: 1.5 hours (1:45 hrs during COVID restrictions)
Praslin – La Digue: 15-20 minutes

Yes we do and the bus transfer from the airport  to the ferry jetty leaves after arrival of every international flight, taking into account the usual waiting time for immigration and at the luggage carousel.

The bus transfer from the ferry jetty to the airport leaves about 20-30 minutes after arrival of the ferry on Mahé, taking into account the usual waiting time for unloading luggage off the ferry.

Approximate travel time between the airport and the ferry jetty is 15-25 minutes (depending on traffic).
All bus shuttle services have to be booked in advance and are only bookable in connection with an international flight.
Prices can be found here.

To add the shuttle bus to your ferry booking, simply tick the box “Yes, I would like to book a shuttle bus from the airport to the ferry” (or v.v.) when booking your ferry online.

Sorry, there is NO shuttle bus between Praslin airport and the ferry jetty on Praslin.
You will have to take a taxi which will cost around 30-35 Euros, depending on your negotiating skills and demand.

You must check-in at Praslin Airport at least 1 hour before departure (please double-check this with Air Seychelles).
This means that you should leave La Digue about 2 hours before, because you have to take a taxi (about 15-20 minutes, 30 Euros) from the Praslin jetty to the airport.

If you take the ferry from Praslin to Mahe instead of the flight, you will save time and money.

For Cat Cocos tickets: It’s sufficient to show the ticket voucher on your mobile phone.

For Cat Rose tickets: We strongly recommend a printout.

You have received your ticket vouchers immediately after the successful payment. Please check your spam folder.
If they are not there either, you most probably had a typo when entering your email address during the booking process. Please send us an email and we’ll check for you.

At the Mahé ferry jetty, you will find a left-luggage office run by the Port Authorities where you can leave your luggage for the day. It is open daily from 07:00 to 19:00 and it comes at a cost. Prices depend on duration of storage (up to 4 hours 5 Euro; 4-8 hours 10 Euro; 8-12 hours 15 Euro). Overnight storage is not allowed.
Please confirm the opening hours and rates on site, as they may be subject to change. Above information was last validated in October 2021.

Alternatively, you can request to check in your baggage directly, which will be boarded on the booked ferry by Cat Cocos staff, prior to departure.

At the International Airport, the police station has free luggage storage with limited space and your luggage must have its own lock. The Payanke Lounge in the domestic terminal has paid storage.

On Praslin and La Digue, there is no luggage storage at the jetty.
One possibility on Praslin would be at the Vallée de Mai National Park visitor center.

So you want to know if you have time enough if you take the ferry from La Digue to Mahe at a certain time, to reach your international flight out from Mahé International Airport. Here is the long answer:

You have to consider that the trip from La Digue to Mahé takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes.
From Praslin to Mahé it’s 1:15 hours.
Usually (!) ferries are punctual.

Once you arrive at the jetty on Mahé you will have around 5-30 minutes waiting time for the luggage handout from the ferry (depending on whether you are in business class or economy), plus 20-30 minutes’ drive to reach the airport, depending on traffic.
Note: If you are booked in business class, it’s better to take a taxi instead of our airport shuttle bus. Why? Because in business class, your luggage gets a priority unloading (your luggage will be unloaded first). Now if you take the shuttle bus you will lose that time advantage because you’ll have to wait for all passengers (also the ones booked in economy) to receive their luggage before the shuttle bus goes to the airport.

Check-in for international flights usually closes 60 minutes before departure. Please double check this with your airline.


If your take off time is 17:20 and you want to take the ferry from La Digue at 13:30 hrs (or Praslin at 14:00), this is the calculation:
La Digue to Mahé takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes, Praslin to Mahé is 1 hour and 15 minutes. So whether you start on La Digue or on Praslin Island, in either case arrival on Mahé is around 15:15 o’clock.
+ 5 to 30 minutes waiting time for the luggage
+ 20 to 30 minutes’ drive to the airport
This means that arrival time at the airport is between 15:40 hrs and 16:15 hrs.
So even if all goes well and there are no delays, unforeseen events or a rare congestion on the road to the airport, the timing is very tight and you might miss your flight.

We are under no circumstances to be held responsible if you miss your international flight.

We have a direct API connection with the ferry companies, so usually the booking is confirmed immediately and your seats are secured.
In some cases, however, when there are very few seats available on a particular ferry or booking class, we will manually review your booking. The reason is that we want to make sure that your seats are the ones you prefer, but also that there are no overbookings.

This is the procedure:
During the booking process, it will be indicated next to the booking class that this combination of times and classes is “on request”.
At this point you can choose another class or departure time to avoid the ‘on request’ procedure.
However, if you decide to proceed with the ‘on request’ booking, simply go to the next step of the booking process to enter your passenger data, etc. You check out and pay for your trip, as with any other trip.
You will then receive an e-mail informing you that the ferry trip is being manually reviewed. The invoice will indicate that this specific trip has not yet been confirmed and that you will not yet receive a voucher for this ferry trip.
As soon as we have completed the manual review (within 24 hours, but usually much faster), you will either a) receive a confirmation e-mail, together with your ticket voucher and updated invoice, or b) receive an e-mail stating that we were unable to secure the seats for this specific trip/class. In this case, we will immediately refund the payment for the unconfirmed trip to your credit card.
In case there are other (confirmed) trips in your itinerary and you have received a voucher for these trips, these will remain unchanged and valid.
For the unconfirmed trip, you can try to book another time or a different booking class.